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Lead in promoting the rule of law construction of Shanghai municipal people's best research "houses"

Date: 2015-12-08

Good for the implementation of the municipal party committee on comprehensively deepen reform and promotion of the construction of the rule of law in Shanghai work deployment, YanYiCui, director of the standing committee has successively in the municipal higher people's court, and in terms of the local people's procuratorate investigation.
Survey, field at the Shanghai court YanYiCui line 12368 litigation service platform and information construction work.Municipal higher people's court ya-dong cui in the city court trial duties according to law, safeguard the overall services, promote the reform of the judicial system, etc are introduced.According to introducing, in recent years, the court in the city problem and demand oriented, focus on solving the people reflect relatively concentrated such outstanding problems as "six difficult SanAn", has established the "12368 litigation services platform", "lawyer service platform" and so on 11 litigation service system, expand the channels of justice for the people, implements the service of litigation "comprehensive, zero distance, barrier-free".
YanYiCui full affirmation of the work of the court in the city in recent years, hope that the court in the city actively respond to the people of justice new expectations, continue around "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" Shanghai development, provide a more powerful judicial safeguard;Perfecting the judicial reform initiatives, form more can copy, can promote the successful experience of;Increase the intensity of judicial public, make the whole process of transparent case, let people understand "lawsuit";Strengthen team construction, to further improve the ideological and political quality of the contingent of judges and business level.
YanYiCui line of field survey to check in on the city's procuratorate JianWu public hall, Shanghai procuratorial organ integrated information management platform, etc.Inspector general Chen is the city's procuratorial organs of the local people's procuratorate in service free trade area construction, strengthening law enforcement supervision at the grass-roots level, strictly regulating the behavior of the judicial aspects are introduced.According to introducing, since 2010, the city has been set up in the community inspection office 43, 315 for the city's public security police station criminal law enforcement and judicial offices 218 street town complete coverage of the supervision of community correction, a total of reception of the 6500 group of more than people, 138 transfer duty crime clues, vigorously promote the basic-level social governance under the rule of law.
YanYiCui fully affirmed the procuratorial organs in recent years, the work in the city hopes the city prosecutors continue to firmly establish the concept of "supervisors should accept supervision", and consciously accept the oversight of the people's congress and people, take the initiative to close to the city's economic and social development overall situation, actively play a role of service and guarantee;To further deepen the reform of judicial work, positive response to the National People's Congress on behalf of the judicial reform concerns with the masses;Give full play to the functions of legal supervision, to strengthen the supervision of the court trial work, to ensure the judicial justice.
YanYiCui also hope city "houses" combined with the reform of the judicial practice, to the city to actively participate in and support the legislation research work, make contributions to national legislation.