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Shen in combat illegal passenger "one hundred - day battle" first month already had more than 700 unlicensed cabs were found out

Date: 2015-12-08

Since November 1, until February 8th shen combat illegal passenger "one hundred - day battle", combat illegal passenger transportation in the city development climax.Yesterday, reporters learned from the city traffic law enforcement team, the first to investigate and punish the "black car" more than 700 vehicles, for the last month to investigate and punish the amount of 1.5 times.
"One hundred - day battle" is fired, the law enforcement departments of the city's 121 key areas further stepping up his efforts, basic to achieve "a small whole daily, a weekly big whole" high voltage regulation.Since the "one hundred - day battle", each district and county public security department seized "five kinds of car traffic violation" of more than 27000, withholding "five class car" 18000 vehicle-timeses, administrative detention "five class car" relevant illegal staff more than 270 people.Urban joint public security authorities seized two levels of traffic departments with more than 700 cases of illegal passenger "carriage", for the 2014 monthly investigated the amount of 1.5 times.
Joint law enforcement power, hongqiao airport "gypsy" without hiding.Hongqiao hub logistic office led by the municipal public security bureau, the city traffic law enforcement contingent four detachment, hongqiao airport traffic police squadron west district and rail traffic police five squadron ten departments such as joint had 40 law enforcement personnel, recently in the hongqiao airport to intercept examination was conducted for vehicles.15, law enforcement personnel in hongqiao airport T2 terminal layer near the gate 8, stopped a car brand of "Shanghai GZ5 XXX" byd cars, when the car in addition to the driver and three men and one woman four passengers.After the investigation, the driver Zhu Mou by Uber (UBER) software orders, will the car 4 people from pudong century avenue, to the hongqiao airport, more than 80 yuan.The vehicle has no operation certificate, alleged illegal passenger illegal behavior.Law enforcement personnel in accordance with the law temporarily seized vehicles and issue a notice of the investigation and handling.Zhu Mou will face a $10000 administrative penalties and the driver's license is for 3 months to 6 months of administrative punishment.