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2015 Shanghai expo and hard eggs intelligent hardware exhibition held The sentiment more than usual

Date: 2015-12-08

This past weekend, the Shanghai international exhibition center in the "2015 Shanghai expo and hard egg intelligent hardware exhibition" crowded.Whether the present popular big xinjiang drones, or have just walked out of the incubator of all kinds of robots, thousands of smart hardware let people see the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc. The power of the latest technology.The exhibition is one of the organizers, Shanghai association of modern service industry Zhou Yupeng would sigh, "expo most popular this year.
Seemingly omnipotent intelligent hardware can really change your life?In the industry point of view, fledgling "wisdom made in China" still have to pay attention to "the wind".
To be out of the excessive "smart" myth
"Add" is a lot of smart hardware in common: air evolution, increase the WiFi function, not only can use the mobile phone remote control, real-time monitoring of air quality for home;Increase the routers, power control panel to control home appliances in the office work...Look, add a lot of commodity became more intelligent.But not all "additive" can usher in applause.Such as a "mobile phone wireless charging wallet", according to the instructions without direct contact to charge their phone.The wallet is very heavy, but weigh, as if it were a mobile power on the phone, not convenient to carry.A claim that can exercise step, two-way anti lost alarm intelligent ring, but lose in the design on the fine degree of passing female visitors it never seems to be interested in.
Too firebird hatch intelligent hardware platform, says byteart, head of the intelligent hardware needs to be out of the first error, is not excessive pursuit of "smart", but the first turn on the product as the design and quality of daily consumer goods, attract consumers to use;Second, is the intelligent degree of consideration.
Collect data key is how to use
Maternal and infant class intelligent hardware is popular elements: the size of a coin a sensor that can be put in the baby's diaper, tell mother when the diapers;According to the different needs of children early education robot, tell stories, teach knowledge, help connect video call mom and dad's cell phone;Test weight, temperature and quickening the intelligent hardware, can in the user's phone to record a detailed report of health...Product developers said that most of these functions using the function of the Internet of things and big data.
Ali vlon iot technology experts said, however, these functions can improve.He pointed out that at present a lot of intelligent hardware accumulated data, but there is no use, has not let the machine really know what users need.Machine, for example, how to tell when the user is in a bad mood and make corresponding choice?It can be judged through the analysis of the change of the pulse, and the result is the basis of data collection, analysis and processing, is also the direction of the domestic intelligent hardware manufacturers need to effort.
Smart hardware still need to open platform
Exhibit on the meeting, and all kinds of intelligent hardware has also been focused on the various platforms: BAT all standards intelligent open platform is given, and hard eggs, nebula, and the guest star institution will provide from design to production for trial of the whole industry chain services.
Division and director of hard egg Kang Jingwei TongXin city, points out that the intelligent hardware industry background determines its need open platform, but need more effective innovation, "the development of science and technology, a product's life cycle is only a few months, if make a product, if there is no continuous innovation ability, is just a flash in the pan."If a lot of enterprises can be intelligent hardware incubator, supply chain, can grasp the latest industry trends, take "wisdom made in China".
Intelligent hardware entrepreneurial team leader Wang Kaize believes that supporting the core technology of intelligent hardware is cloud computing, big data, innovation team and platform division of labor and collaboration, "using resource platform, we can study trial and error, low cost, low cost, continuously improve product to success in the end."